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An electromagnetic linear accelerator; Coil gun
A tater tossing page with electronic igntion
Your source for cheap n' easy high voltage, the Flyback transformer
A spark throwing tesla coil made entirely of garbage
Pictures from the trash, a tribute to unwanted photographs
Home built plasma globe. mmm..plasma
Build your own radio controlled switch from a cordless telephone
One of my favorite hobbies, dumpster diving
Spud gun ignitor from a disposable camera
Measure voltages up to 20,000 V with this home built meter
Homebuilt night vision scope
Homebrew telescope
Cheap radio frequency plasma generator
Build an O-Scope
Exercise Bike Power Generator
Common Appliances with lots of good parts
Do-It-Yourself Underwater camera
DIY Electric Bike Conversion
Snow Crushing Robot: Snowbot
Treadmillmobile: Better just look for yourself
Metal Working Projects

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